Keep customs in-house with our easy WAYC software

Are you authorised to make customs declarations? Then we will make things even easier for you, with our handy WAYC software for declarations and documents. WAYC has been specifically developed for businesses and freight forwarders who control their customs affairs themselves, and for customs agents who, like us, believe that things can be done in a much simpler way. 

Accessible customs software

WAYC is an extremely clear and accessible software package that makes it very easy to prepare and directly lodge the correct customs documents. This is especially useful for businesses that handle many international (bulk) shipments; the software can be used to arrange all related customs formalities in-house. All you need is an authorization and the necessary customs knowledge.

DIY fast

You can save a lot of time and money by making declarations and documents yourself. You only pay a fixed amount per month for the use of the WAYC software. After purchasing the license, you can easily link the administration system of your organization to WAYC: convenient and efficient. And because you can draw up and send declarations without having to pass them through a customs agency, the process takes much less time.

Is WAYC the right solution for you and your business? We’ll help you decide.

Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you.